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Frequently Asked Questions

The ActivitySuite web site is secured by an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate.  An SSL certificate protects the information that's flowing to and from our website.  It encrypts names, addresses, passwords, account numbers, incidents, logs and more so hackers or unauthorized parties cannot access the information.  This is the same type of encryption used by banking institutions to secure financial transactions.

We charge a monthly subscription fee to use the ActivitySuite service.  The rate is not based on number of users or features.  Instead, we follow your company's usage by tracking the number of browser sessions (or logins).  At the beginning of each month, your previous month's usage determines your rate for the upcoming month.  Subscription rates are divided into three plans.  Please see pricing for a complete description of our subscription plans and rates.

To ensure our servers have the capacity to handle peak loads, we monitor traffic patterns and upgrade software and hardware as usage dictates.  Our costs are directly proportional to frequency of usage.   Unlike cellular networks, internet browser protocols are stateless.  In a connectionless protocol, the most consistent and secure metric for tracking usage is by counting sessions.

When possible, check the "Remember Me" checkbox on login screens.  Use a shortcut to ActivitySuite to access the web site. No matter how many times you use the shortcut, it will only count as a single session within a 24 hour period per user.

Use the Windows Dashboard application.  The Dashboard enables logs to be entered offline and will upload its stored cache automatically when internet is detected.  No matter how often the application is used, it only counts for one session within a 24 hour period per user.  Note -- this application must be installed on a windows-compatible computer.

Use the Android Application.  The Android app enables logs to be entered offline and will upload its stored cache automatically when connectivity is detected.  No matter how often the app is used, it only counts for one session within a 24 hour period per user.  The Android app also has an option to continuously update GPS location.  Note -- you will need to enable the "Allow third party applications to be installed" on your mobile device.

Contact your company's administrator to download and install software applications.  These applications can be found on the web site at Admin > Resources > Downloads.

No.  The software is not for sale.  However, we will license a compiled version of the software for you to install on your local area network.  Be advised that you would be responsible for providing all IT support necessary to install and maintain your own website and database servers.

Yes.  On the Administrator's menu, there is a backup command that will provide you with access to the content for all of your sites.  The information for each site is exported to a CSV (Excel-compatible) file and then compressed into ZIP (archive) files for you to download.

ActivitySuite will store video clips using a cloud storage service and embed viewing links in client reports or through the client portal.  Administrators are responsible for creating the cloud storage account and configuring ActivitySuite with the API (application programming interface) keys.  Video clips can be tagged for expiration or permanent retention.

There is no additional ActivitySuite subscription fee to use this feature.  However,  Administrators are responsible for directly bearing the cost of the cloud service.  The approximate cost of cloud storage is $0.005 per gigabyte or roughly $5.00 per month for 300 hours of video.  ActivitySuite's retention management will remove expired videos thereby mitigating the long-term increase of storage costs.

We employ several strategies for backup.  First, the ActivitySuite database servers are configured with RAID technology.  When disks are configured for RAID, data is written identically (mirrored) on separate drives.  RAID provides fault tolerance from disk errors or failures and continues to operate as long as at least one drive in the mirrored set is functioning.  We also copy disk content (photos, resource files and database items) to a separate physical location on a regularly scheduled basis.

Our servers are hosted by .    We favor "bare metal" solutions for speed and flexibility and maintain dedicated physical servers at OVH data centers.    We migrate to new servers as usage demand increases and hardware technology improves.    ActivitySuite enjoys an up-time ratio better than 99.9998%.

No.  Since your data is maintained on our server, no data is stored on the local machine.  Authentication tickets are time-limited so all users must reenter their passwords after 24 hours.  When administrators deactivate a user account the effect is immediate - even if the user is currently logged in.

We provide a stand-alone program that is loaded on a laptop and allows activity logs to be entered offline.  When an internet connection is not available, the logs are cached in an encrypted text file.  As soon as a connection is reestablished, the logs are automatically uploaded to the server.  The tool enables field officers to work in locations without internet connectivity.

Dispatchers can map the real-time locations of field officers using the Site Information screen. 

We have two solutions for GPS:

1. We interface with an industrial GPS satellite receiver -- the Garmin USB-18.  The receiver connects to a PC or laptop on the USB port.  We provide a Windows application that installs on the laptop, reads the GPS unit and updates our servers with location and speed.

2. We read location information from any GPS-enabled device such as a smart phone or tablet. We offer a dedicated app for Android devices and mobile web pages for any device with browser support.

You can create user accounts with a clients role.  These accounts have controlled access and can only log in via the ActivitySuite Client Portal.  Administrators can control which sites and incident types are exposed to clients.  The client portal also provides access for submission of vacation watch requests and to manage onsite lighting maintenance.