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ActivitySuite was designed specifically for the needs of Private Police and Security Guard Companies.  Members log in here.
  • 17:18
    Wed Mar 23
    Software Update: Night Mode Added to Mobile Pages
    The green icon located by the username will toggle Night Mode on the mobile pages
  • 14:33
    Tue Feb 15
    Software Update: Download Client Mailing List
    The email icon on the Admin > Sites > Settings page will download a client email list in Excel format
  • 21:51
    Sat Feb 5
    Software Update: Photo Meta-Tags
    Time-taken and Upload timestamps added to photos. This feature can be disabled in Company Settings.
  • 20:44
    Wed Nov 3
    Software Fix: ActivityTracker QR Codes
    The QR codes linking to ActivityTracker parking sites did not work if the site name contained spaces.
  • 20:39
    Sat May 22
    Software Update: Bounced Email Notifications
    The server will now send a notification when an client's email address is placed on the bounce list.
  • 13:01
    Fri Aug 28
    Software Update: Pre-defined Text for Logs
    You can now define text snippets for rapid entry into logs. Go to Reports > Log Templates.
  • 16:14
    Fri Jul 10
    Software Update: Night Vision on Field Menu
    The Field menu on the classic site has an option for night vision. Click the green icon next to the Logout link.
  • 22:12
    Tue Jun 23
    Software Update: Video Storage
    Video clips can now be attached to logs and incidents. See Admin > Resources > Tutorial: Video Storage
  • 12:45
    Wed May 6
    Software Update: Call Card Notifications
    Adding call cards pushes visual and audio notifications to officers on the mobile site. Refer to tutorial for details.
  • 12:42
    Wed May 6
    Software Update: Advanced Log Search
    The Advanced Log Search screen has expanded to include incidents and field interviews.
  • 15:57
    Tue Mar 17
    Software Update: Client Email Blast
    Administrators can send an email blast to the client list. Go to the "Admin>Client Email Blast" menu item.
  • 23:32
    Sun Jan 19
    Software Update: Resource Files on Mobile Site
    Links to site resource files (such as property maps) now appear on the mobile site log page
  • 12:56
    Sun Jan 12
    Software Update: Auto Build and Email Reports
    Reports for sites can be automatically built and emailed. Go to "Auto Build" on the Report menu.

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